What Services Are Offered by Elder Care Aides?

As your mom ages, you want to make sure she has the support she needs with ADLs and IADLs. Have you looked at the different services offered through elder care? Take a closer look at the different options.

Assistance With Pets

Elder Care Pineville, NC: Elder Care Aides

Elder Care Pineville, NC: Elder Care Aides

Your mom has a dog, but she needs a little help caring for him. She needs someone to help her take her dog on walks, remember when it’s time to feed him, and to wash and refill his water bowl. A caregiver can do that.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Have caregivers do your mom’s laundry every week. She’ll also have someone to vacuum and sweep her floors, dust, sanitize hard surfaces, and tidy up. If she has plants, her caregiver can water them for her.

Hygiene and Grooming

Hygiene and grooming needs are tended to with a caregiver’s help. Your mom has someone to help her wash her hair, take a shower, dry her skin, and apply moisturizer. If she needs help trimming her nails, brushing her hair, and brushing and flossing her teeth, that’s possible too.

Meals and Snacks

Each week, your mom’s caregiver can talk to her about what she’d like to eat. They can create a shopping list together, go shopping, and back at home her caregiver carries everything in. Once items are put away, your mom’s meals and snacks are prepared when she’s ready for them.

Leftovers are put away to ensure food safety practices are followed. And, your mom’s dishes are washed and dried. If your mom has a dishwasher, her caregiver will load it and run a cycle when she’s full. She also has a caregiver to wipe down counters and her stovetop in preparation for the next meal.

Medication Reminders

Elder care aides can offer medication reminders to ensure your mom takes her prescription pills on time. If she needs to take them with a meal or on an empty stomach, her caregiver will make sure she follows the instructions and takes the correct dose. When her prescriptions run low, her caregiver is there to help her order refills and bring her to the pharmacy to pick them up.

Scheduling and Reminders

When your mom has appointments, she has a hard time tracking when they’re coming up. As it comes time to schedule yearly medical appointments, she can’t remember it’s time without a reminder.

Caregivers can track when appointments are coming up and when it’s time to schedule a follow-up or annual exam. They’ll help your mom get ready and to her appointments on time, and she’ll have someone to drive her if needed.

Toileting Assistance

Does your mom have a hard time getting to the bathroom on time? Does she have accidents? Incontinence occurs with some older people. She can have a caregiver available to help clean up after an accident. If she needs help getting on and off the toilet and cleaning herself after, her caregiver is there for her.


Arrange elder care services by talking to a specialist. You’ll learn more about prices, schedules, and getting started with professional caregivers.

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