Post-Hospital Care Helps Seniors Recover At Home

Unfortunately most seniors will end up having to recover from a fall or some serious medical event like a heart attack or a stroke at some point. And most seniors would much rather recover at home than in a rehab facility. It is possible for seniors to get post-hospital care at home so that they can recover comfortably in familiar surroundings rather than in a rehab facility. Post-hospital care tailored to the needs of your senior loved one can make sure that your senior parent gets everything they need to recover fully.

After a major medical event or a fall seniors may need a lot of help while they recover. Family caregivers may be able to help with some of the care but post-hospital care should be done by professional caregivers who can help seniors with things like:

Incision And Wound Care

Post-Hospital Care Charlotte, NC: Recovery Care and Seniors

Post-Hospital Care Charlotte, NC: Recovery Care and Seniors

After a surgery incision care is very important. Surgical incisions need to be cleaned and redressed often and it’s important to have a medical professional monitoring the healing to make sure the incision is healing properly and not getting infected. It’s always best to have a medically trained caregiver performing any kind of incision or wound care on your senior parent. 

Transferring Safely

When your senior loved one is recovering from a surgery, a stroke, a  heart attack, or just a long hospital stay they will likely need a lot of help getting out of bed to go to the bathroom or get up and walk around to prevent blood clots and keep their muscles strong. In order to avoid injury a medical professional should be helping them with transferring to and from the bed to the bathroom or getting out of bed so that they can get around the house. 


Bathing And Dressing

Also a senior who is recovering from surgery or a fall needs special care when bathing and dressing or performing hygiene tasks. A caregiver trained in post-hospital care can safely help your senior loved one shower or give them a sponge bath so that they can be clean and fresh. They can also help your senior loved one into clean clothes and help them shave and brush their teeth so that they can feel and look good. Feeling normal and taking care of hygiene issues is an important part of the recovery process. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is something that seniors will need as they recover but they may not be able to get out to a physical therapy appointment. After a hospital stay seniors will need to do physical therapy at home to regain their strength and mobility, especially after a fall. Caregivers that know how to support seniors during physical therapy exercises can ensure that seniors are doing their physical therapy exercises daily and doing them safely to prevent re-injury or other injuries. Because it’s important that physical therapy is performed exactly the way the doctor prescribes, it’s best to have a trained caregiver helping your senior loved one do physical therapy at home.

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