There are so many different factors that can contribute to depression, especially for your aging adult. Understanding what situations and circumstances might be at play for her can help you to get her the help that she needs early in the situation. Ignoring depression does not make it go away. Your senior needs to talk to her doctor and find out what tools are available to help her.

Relocating, Even if it’s Her Idea

Elder Care Statesville, NC: Depression in Older Adults

Moving and changing her living situation, even if it was her idea, can be incredibly stressful for your senior. There’s a lot involved in moving and if she’s downsizing at the same time, that’s a lot to deal with all at once. She may find that she has more memories tying her to the place she’s moving from than she realized and it can take some time to process those feelings.

Isolating Herself

Over time, your elderly family member may get out and about a lot less than she ever used to. Couple that with friends and family being busy or perhaps moving or experiencing other changes and your senior may find she spends a little too much time alone. Elder care providers can help with this. Besides offering transportation assistance to get to places where she’ll spend time with others, they can also over companionship and friendly conversation.

Being Sick and in Pain

Chronic illnesses and pain can be debilitating physically and emotionally. Your elderly family member may find that she doesn’t want to do anything and that the sensations she’s experiencing cause her to feel depressed. Often your senior also can’t do the things she used to love to do, which can lead to depression and other emotional reactions.

Grief and Loss

Most people experience loss of some sort during their lifetime. There are the things you lose, but it’s mostly the people and the intangible losses that create the biggest problems. Your elderly family member may be feeling as if she’s losing her health, her independence, and so many other aspects of her identity. That can definitely lead to depression. Other losses, such as family members and people she loves who have passed away, also contribute.

It’s really important to talk to your senior’s doctor right away if you suspect she’s dealing with depression. Her doctor can help her to find a solution that works for her and that helps her to deal with what she’s feeling in a positive way.


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