When you think of playing, you probably think of young children running around or playing games. While it is wonderful for children to play, it is also a good idea for older adults to play, as well. Playing is beneficial for relieving stress, learning new things, and much more. Do you need to care for your elderly loved one? If so, keep reading to learn more about the benefits that playing has on the elderly.

Physiological Benefits

Caregiver Cornelius, NC: Benefits of Playing

Are you worried that your elderly loved one will lose brain functions as they get older? If so, you and their caregivers should encourage them to play more often. They can play games, play catch with their grandchildren, or do other types of playful things. Playing can provide many physiological benefits to your elderly loved one. Some of the ways it can do this is by:

  • Bringing more oxygen to and from the brain
  • Stimulating blood flow and circulation in the body and the brain
  • Creating a better immune system

If you are worried about these things for your elderly loved one, you can encourage them to play more often.

Improved Cognitive Health

As your elderly loved one gets even older, they might have declines in their cognitive health. However, playing can help to prevent some of these declines. Some of the cognitive health benefits playing can have for your elderly loved include:

  • Making new neuron connections in the brain
  • Improving critical thinking
  • Improving reaction times
  • Challenging the brain
  • Preventing memory issues
  • Improving overall brain functions

These are just some of the many ways that playing can positively impact your elderly loved one’s cognitive health.

Better Emotional Health

Playing can help improve your elderly loved one’s emotional health, too. If your elderly loved one is struggling to manage emotions, you and their caregivers should get them to play games or do other playful activities. Some of the ways that playing can benefit their emotional health include the following:

  • Promoting better well-being
  • Relieving emotional pain
  • Increasing empathy
  • Relieving depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Adding more positive emotions to their day

If these are all things that your elderly loved one needs, be sure you encourage them to play regularly.


If your elderly loved one needs some of these benefits, be sure to talk to them about playing more. Your elderly loved one might seem off put at first. They might think that playing is for kids. However, once you tell them how playing can help them, they might be more willing to do it.


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