How can you tell if it’s time to bring in elderly care aides to help your parents out? There are several ways to tell. Rely on these tips for knowing for sure when it’s time.

They’re Alone on a Regular Basis

Elderly Care Mooresville, NC: Evaluating Your Parents’ Elderly Care Needs

Elderly care services are more than helping with meals, transportation, and housework. Caregivers offer companionship. Your parents aren’t likely to be lonely when they have someone visiting regularly.

How active are your parents socially? If their friends no longer live in the area and rarely stay in touch, it’s important to take a closer look. If they don’t go out and only have immediate family stopping by for visits, there’s a problem.

If you and your siblings work all week and can only stop by on weekends, look into caregiver visits during the week. It doesn’t have to be every day, but it should be enough so that your parents have someone spending time with them for conversation and friendship.

They Shouldn’t Drive

Whether an eye doctor says their vision has declined or your parents have been at fault in a car accident, it’s time to keep them from driving. Caregivers can fill in as a driver on days you’re not available. Make sure you talk to your parents’ doctors often. Ask if they’re still okay driving by themselves.

The Home is Cluttered

Your mom and dad used to keep the home tidy and organized. Things are slacking off and you find there’s a lot of clutter. The kitchen has dirty dishes built up. The fridge is full of spoiled foods. The oven is filthy. These are signs that your parents are having a harder time with cleaning tasks and could use help.

Trust Your Gut

Trust your instincts. If you think there’s a problem with your parents handling day-to-day tasks, there likely is something amiss. Spend a day monitoring them. Look for anything that could be dangerous or risky.

For example, your mom takes her medications and an hour later returns to the kitchen or bathroom and can’t remember if she’s taken them. It’s a clear sign she needs help with medication management. You don’t want her overdosing.

Your dad is getting out of his car and you notice he must physically lift his leg from the gas pedal to the door opening. He struggles to stand up. That’s another problem.

Once your certain caregivers would benefit your parent, make the call to an elderly care agency. Don’t put this off any longer. Too many families wait until something bad happens. Plan elderly care in advance and keep your parents safe.


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