It’s never fun getting the call that your dad needs to go to the emergency room. He may have fallen and injured his wrist. X-rays are the only way to tell if it’s broken or sprained. Maybe he has a chest cold or flu that seems to have worsened. 
Whatever the reason, a trip to the ER can be stressful for both of you. Here are ways to reduce that stress. 
Call in a Support Team

Elderly Care Charlotte, NC: Emergency Room Visits

Call your siblings and other close family members to stay with you while you wait. It won’t be as bad if you’re not alone. Whoever you’re closest to, lean on them as much as needed. They’ll do the same. 
Stay Hydrated and Eat When Needed 
Don’t let your worry keep you from eating or drinking. Hospitals have cafeterias and the food may be better than you’d expect. Many have different options including a cook-to-order grill, a soup and salad bar, deli items, and pizza. It’s going to be cheaper and better for you than the vending machines you see. 
Take Notes 
It may seem odd to take notes as the doctor says things, but it will help you cope. When you’re anxious, you may not remember everything the doctor says. If you’ve taken notes, you have them to rely on when you’re alone and need to go back over what you’ve been told. 
The more complete the notes, the easier it is to relay information to your siblings and other family members. They’ll have questions, too. Until they can get there, you’re the person they rely on for information. Notes help. 
Take Breaks 
Go for walks rather than sit around in the emergency room’s waiting room. You can tell the nurses where you’ll be. If they need you, you can always ask that they call you. Try to make sure part of your walk is outside in the fresh air. 
Elderly care services help with his recovery. If your dad broke a bone, he’ll need help cleaning his house, cooking meals, and getting to and from therapists and medical offices. He may need someone to do his laundry, put it away, and make his bed. He may need help getting showered and dressed. 
If he was prescribed medications he needs to take regularly. Medication reminders help. Make sure he has the support he needs for as long as he needs it. If he’s enjoyed having a caregiver around, you could keep elderly care services for companionship when he’s feeling better. 


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