Six Ways to Help Your Senior to Get More Energy

It’s rough to go through each day feeling sluggish and low on energy. For your senior, that could mean that she’s unable to do the things that she enjoys doing every day. That can seriously affect her overall quality of life and even her health. It might be time for you and your senior to talk about what you can try to help boost her energy.

Get Better Sleep

Home Care Matthews, NC: Seniors and Energy

Home Care Matthews, NC: Seniors and Energy

The first thing to address when your senior isn’t as energetic as she wants to be is sleep. If your aging family member doesn’t feel energized after she wakes up, she might need to change up some of what she’s doing. Sleep quality means that your senior is falling asleep easily, staying asleep, and moving into both REM and deep sleep phases. Her doctor can help her to determine what might be happening.

Stay Hydrated

Hydration gives your senior’s body energy, believe it or not. If she’s dehydrated, her body doesn’t have what it needs to remove waste and perform properly. Upping her water intake is a big way to increase your aging family member’s energy levels. Home care providers can help to remind your elderly family member to keep sipping.

Check Her Diet

If your elderly family member is eating foods that don’t support her body, she’s likely going to feel that as bad energy levels. Her body needs nutrients in order to keep running well. Elder care providers can make cooking easier for your senior, which is a great way to ensure that she’s eating healthy meals on a regular basis.

Tackle Stress

Stress saps a ton of energy. If it doesn’t seem like your elderly family member has much to be stressed about, you would be surprised. There’s a lot in daily life that can be getting to your senior. Having help from home care providers is just one way to ensure that your elderly family member is able to bring her stress levels way down.

Reduce or Quit Alcohol and Smoking

If your senior smokes or drinks more than a couple of alcoholic beverages a week, that could be the cause of her poor energy levels. Working with her doctor to safely reduce or even quit these vices can do so much for your senior’s quality of life. That’s not always a popular suggestion, but it’s worth mentioning it to her.

Help Her to Be More Social

Another way that home care providers can help your senior is by ensuring that she’s getting the socialization that she needs. Just by being there with her and offering friendly conversation, caregivers are able to keep your senior from feeling lonely. But they can also help with transportation needs, which can help your senior to stay in touch with other friends and family members, too.

Boosting your senior’s energy levels is usually about more than just one thing. It might be necessary to talk to your elderly family member’s doctor about how her health may be impacting her energy, too.

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