Safety is always important for any aging adult. If your elderly family member has COPD, however, there may be some additional ways to help her stay safe.

Homecare Charlotte NC – Does Your Senior with COPD Need Specific Safety Tips?

Live on One Floor Only

If your elderly family member has a home with multiple stories, look into finding ways to help her to live on one floor only. She’s burning a lot of energy and oxygen going up and down the stairs if that isn’t necessary. Moving some rooms around can help with this.

Check out Her Shoes

Shoes might seem like an odd safety requirement for someone with COPD, but the more stable your aging family member is on her feet, the safer she’ll be. It’s easier for her to avoid tripping hazards when she’s wearing footwear that is solid and that fits well.

Grab Bars May Be Even More Important

Grab bars are always important for safety, but they can be even more imperative for a relative with COPD. Shortness of breath can leave your senior lightheaded or seeing stars, so having something secure to grab hold of is critical for avoiding a fall.

Fans and Vents Are Essential

You might not realize this, but humid air is much more difficult for your senior to breathe if she has COPD. During warm days, during showers and baths, or even when cooking, use fans and vents to make sure that your aging family member has fresh air to breathe. On that same note, if your senior uses oxygen, talk with her doctor about whether she can wear her oxygen into the shower. Most people can and this makes showering so much easier.

Clutter and Bad Organization Saps Energy

If your senior’s home isn’t set up to the best advantage for her, then she’s likely expending a great deal of energy just in moving around her home. Look for clutter that you can remove and pay close attention to furniture layouts. There may be a way to arrange the furniture that allows your elderly family member to save some energy.

Check the Oxygen Cord

Make it a habit to check where your elderly family member’s oxygen cords are at all times. She may have a long tube for her concentrator that allows her to leave it in one place. But a lengthy tube means more issues in terms of tripping hazards.

Having extra help is also a way to ensure your senior is using her energy only on what she absolutely needs to do. One way to make that happen for her is to hire homecare providers who can handle regular daily tasks. From there, your senior can work to protect her energy.

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