Fun Summer Activities For Seniors

Summer is here and seniors should take advantage of the nice weather to have some fun and do things they can’t do the rest of the year. Enjoying summer fun in the sun is great, as long as seniors don’t get too much sun. Remember that anytime seniors are outside they should be wearing sunscreen, a sun hat, and some sort of protection for their skin. The sun’s rays can be more damaging than people realize. Or, if the day is particularly hot, you can try some great indoor activities to keep your senior loved one of the sun. Some fun summer activities for seniors are:


Companion Care at Home Statesville, NC: Summer Activities

Companion Care at Home Statesville, NC: Summer Activities

Swimming is a great activity for seniors and summer is the best time to go for a swim. If you work and can’t be with your senior loved one during the day try companion care at home for seniors. A companion care at home provider can go with your senior loved one to the pool or to other activities so that your senior loved one has a companion to go places with and do things with. Summer activities are a lot more fun when they’re done with someone and it will give you peace of mind to know someone is  with your senior parent. 

Going To A Movie

If your senior loved one wants to escape the hot air a movie is great activity for them. The theater will be air conditioned so that your senior parent can get out of the heat and not be sitting at home sweltering. Check to see if there are any classic movies being shown in your area. Sometimes smaller theaters will show older movies during the day for a reduced fee. You may even stumble upon a classic movie marathon to enjoy. 

A Trip to the Library

The library is another fabulous summer destination that will keep your senior loved one cool and entertained. Most libraries have a huge range of activities that go far beyond just reading, although there is plenty of good reading to be done at the library too. Libraries have CDs and DVDs in addition to books. They also have magazines, picture books, and newspapers which your senior loved one may enjoy. Puzzles and games are available too, which can be great for seniors who have dementia. And your senior may want to join a book club, or sit down to watch a movie, or end up reading stories to small children who come to the library for story time. 

Exploring Local Hiking Trails

If your senior parent doesn’t have any mobility challenges then a short hike could be the perfect way to spend a summer morning. Go in the morning before the sun gets too warm. Spend some time hiking on local trails or even just walking along a hiking trail through the woods. Even if you just walk on a short portion of the actual trail it will be fantastic for your senior parent. Getting outdoors and spending time in nature is very relaxing.

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