Somewhere in between the “senior moments” and an actual diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, your senior might experience a stage of cognitive impairment. This is likely to be a difficult time for both you and your senior. How you handle the situation that you’re now in is going to matter a great deal. It’s a good idea to consider finding tools and help now, rather than later.

Her Condition Will Likely Deteriorate

Elder Care Monroe, NC: Helping a Senior with Cognitive Impairment

Your senior may be at a certain level of impairment now, and that’s going to give you plenty to focus on. But it’s important to remember that her condition is very likely to deteriorate over time. How quickly and to what extent will vary depending on her specific situation. That means you’re going to need to find a way to manage all the various needs and tasks that have to be handled. It may be a good idea to hire elder care providers now to help you with that.

You May Be a Caregiver in a Different Way than You Expected
Because cognitive decline doesn’t operate the same way for everyone who has it, your senior may need much more help from you than you expected at this stage of her life. That can also mean that you’re a caregiver for a longer period and in a different way than you ever dreamed. You may have to adjust your own expectations.

You’ll Need to Communicate Differently
Your senior may not function or communicate in the same way that she used to. For instance, she may not be able to tell you that she’s hungry or that she’s in need of the bathroom. You’ll need to learn what her cues to you are now so that you can accommodate her needs. This is something that elder care providers can be especially helpful with if you’re having trouble.

You Need to Focus on Self-care
Caregiving is difficult, period, but when you add in the complications of cognitive impairment, that can make everything that much more stressful. It’s vital that you’re paying attention to self-care and that you’re doing everything that you can to take care of your own needs. That means taking time away regularly and focusing on your own health, too.

Every day might be different for you and you might feel overwhelmed more often than not. That’s your cue to ask yourself what you need most right then.

Excerpt: If your senior is dealing with cognitive impairment, your journey may be just beginning.


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