Taking the best care possible of your senior involves making sure that she’s got the help and the resources that she needs, when she needs them. That means you need to know how she feels about some pretty big concerns.

What Might Be Happening with Her Health

Home Care Pineville, NC:  Important Conversations and Seniors

Home Care Pineville, NC: Important Conversations and Seniors

If you’re not already aware of all that’s going on with your senior’s health, now might be the time to change that. Talk to your senior about what she’s experiencing, whether she’s facing any big health concerns, and what her prognosis might be. It could be time for you to start sitting in on doctor’s appointments, too, just to be sure that you’re aware of all that’s going on. That is something for you to work out with your senior.

If Driving Is a Good Idea Going Forward

Driving is a big deal as your elderly family member continues to age. If she’s showing signs now that her driving might be a problem, it’s vital that you open up a dialogue with her about your concerns and what you’re seeing. She can try other options now, such as being open to having home care providers doing the driving, and that gives her a way to remain as mobile as possible now and later. The last thing you ever want to do is to make her feel as if you’re leaving her with no options with transportation.

Whether She’s Planning to Move or to Age in Place

You’ll need to know if your elderly family member is planning to age in place where she currently lives or not, because that’s going to have a huge impact on what you do as a caregiver. Aging in place involves your senior remaining right where she is, for as long as possible. When you have a better picture whether your senior wants to age in place or move, you can take steps to ensure that her home is safe and prepared for that decision.

Her Take on Having Some Extra Help Now

Some aging adults have a difficult time accepting extra help, even when they know that they would benefit from that assistance. It might be a good idea to look into hiring home care providers now, even if your elderly family member only needs a little bit of help. Then, as her needs change, that assistance can also ramp up to meet those needs.

You might find that your senior is reluctant to discuss some of these topics. Or she might only want to talk about them to a certain extent. It’s certainly a good idea to respect her boundaries, but these are also conversations you need to have.


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