If the idea of taking large blocks of time away from caregiving sounds completely unreasonable for you, daily respite might be the answer. But what does that look like? You might be surprised at how flexible respite care, even on a daily basis, could be.

You Need to Know What Respite Is for You

Home Care Cornelius, NC: Could Daily Respite Work for You?

What’s your idea of respite? That and what you really need in terms of respite can go a long way toward determining if daily respite could be an option for you. Your definition of respite might be having the time you need for daily self-care, like exercise or meditation. Take a little bit of time to figure out what applies to your situation.

Daily Respite Doesn’t Have to Take Hours
You might think that if you’re taking daily respite, that means that you’re spending hours away from your senior every single day. This goes back to what you and your senior really need. If you work from home, your respite needs might require that home care providers help your senior while you’re working and you take over again when you’re done. But if what you need is an hour once a week, that’s possible, too.

Respite Might Be Empty Time You Fill However You Want
Lots of times caregivers feel as if they have to have a thorough and complete plan for respite time right out of the gate. But you might not have a full idea how you want to use your respite time just yet and that’s okay. For a little while, you might not do much with respite other than literally rest. Getting in touch with your needs will help you sort it all out and sometimes that happens over time.

Take Your Time Learning What Respite Is for You
It might take longer than you think it should to land on what respite time is for your situation. If you’re pressuring yourself to have all the answers right out of the gate, that’s going to make things that much more complicated for you. And that’s pressure that you just don’t need. Over time you can tweak your respite care until it’s exactly what gives you the best benefits.

Daily respite might be exactly what you need for a period of time, but not for the entire time you’re a caregiver. Respite can look different for you throughout your time as a caregiver.

Excerpt: Daily respite might be more feasible for you than you realize.


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