Celebrating the 4th of July With Your Senior

The 4th of July is a great day for Americans throughout the country as we celebrate our independence with various activities. Include your elderly loved ones in your festivities but be cautious of any gathering that may include heat, bugs, noise, smoking, and perhaps boisterous youngsters.


They will not be able to do what they used to do, and certain things may not be great for them to be around. If you need an extra set of eyes on your senior it’s time to consider hiring in-home care, especially for holidays. In-home care helps a senior prepare for big events but also can help them set daily routines which could allow them to live much longer on their own. 


If you have been putting something together to celebrate your beloved country, make sure you think about what your senior parent will be comfortable with. Give them the option to attend whatever it is you are hosting. If they decline it may be because they will be more comfortable with in-home care than watching a celebration on TV. If they want to join, here are some great ideas that you can do with your family and elderly parent. 

Throw a Backyard BBQ

Home Care Charlotte, NC: 4th of July

Home Care Charlotte, NC: 4th of July

Not all seniors will want to go to the park but want a space where they can sit inside or outside but also near the bathroom. Enlist your elderly loved one’s assistance in selecting party music or in preparing a fruit salad to keep them occupied. Assure that elders have enough shade, a comfortable place to sit, and access to food that meets their dietary requirements.

Fireworks From Afar

Not all seniors would like to see the fireworks up close. Many will prefer to sit far away and watch them or even view them on the TV. Fireworks can be loud and scary for many older adults. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few fireworks, just be selective. Choose sparklers for the kids and let them show off for your elderly parent. These are low noise and a super pretty way to celebrate the 4th of July. 

Attend a Parade as a Family

A good old-fashioned parade is something that everyone enjoys. Stake out a shaded spot early on to ensure that your loved one has a comfy place to sit. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting, light-colored clothes for maximum comfort and air circulation. Ensure that your senior loved one is sufficiently hydrated during the day, and that you are aware of where the restrooms are situated ahead of time. Finally, don’t forget the sunscreen and an umbrella! This is fun for kids and seniors. 

Do Family Crafts

This can be done at a BBQ or even the day before to celebrate our country. Bring your kids to the seniors home and start doing red, white and blue crafts to decorate a senior’s house. It is a fun way to kill a few hours and a good way to bond. Once the crafts are done, have your kids decorate the outside and inside of your loved one’s home.

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