Is your elderly family member having more trouble with her feet than ever before? There can be some very important reasons why that’s true. Understanding how your senior’s feet change with age is important so that you can do everything possible to ensure she’s in good health. 

She’s Losing Fat and Muscle Everywhere

Elderly Care Charlotte, NC: Seniors and Foot Problems

Your senior may have already noticed that her skin seems thinner elsewhere on her body. That’s usually because the fat layer just underneath her skin is disappearing. She’s also likely losing muscle tone. That happens everywhere in her body, including her feet. That means that those fat deposits that function as shock absorbers may not be working as well and other issues are more noticeable.  

Her Circulation Is Different Now 

If your elderly family member has difficulty with blood pressure, that can show up in her feet. She may find that her feet are consistently cold now when they weren’t in the past. That can point to slower blood flow in her extremities. In severe cases, that can become a problem. If your senior has diabetes or other issues with blood sugar, this is doubly important. 

Her Overall Health Is Changing 

There may be other health issues that your elderly family member is dealing with, too. Those health issues affect every area of her body, including her feet. If your elderly family member has gained weight because of health issues, she’s going to feel that in her feet, too. It can be a good idea to talk with her doctor about how her overall health affects your senior’s entire body. 

She May Not Be Able to Reach Her Feet Now 

Something else to consider is that your elderly family member may not be able to reach her feet anymore. Changes in flexibility can mean that she’s not able to get to them, and so her feet don’t get as much attention as they once did. That can be dangerous, so it’s probably a good idea for your senior to have some help with personal care tasks, like foot care. Elderly care providers can make sure your senior’s feet are cared for properly, along with the rest of her. 

Talk to your senior’s doctor about any changes either of you are noticing in her feet. They’re what helps her to keep walking and they’re the foundation for the rest of her body. Keeping your senior’s feet healthy is essential for her overall health. 


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