Short episodes of dizziness are something that anyone can experience. But for an aging family member, even a small dizzy spell can lead to a painful fall. It’s really important to treat every dizzy spell carefully so that it doesn’t turn into a much bigger problem for her.

Encourage Her to Sit or to Lie Down

Senior Care Matthews, NC: Seniors and Dizzy Spells

Senior Care Matthews, NC: Seniors and Dizzy Spells

When dizziness strikes, it’s important for your senior to lower her center of gravity. Sitting down accomplishes that easily. Sitting also ensures that she’s more secure than she was when she started to feel dizzy. If sitting down doesn’t seem to help enough, then lying down would be a good follow-up option. Just taking a moment and allowing the dizziness to pass might be all your senior needs.

Avoid Doing Anything that Makes the Sensation Worse
If there’s anything that makes the dizziness or the sensation of being about to fall any worse, definitely encourage your senior to avoid doing that activity. Depending on potential causes, your elderly family member might need to rest for a while with her eyes closed. Bright lights, moving too quickly, and even activities she enjoys like reading or watching television can all make a spell of dizziness worse.

Try to Determine the Triggering Factor
For some people, attacks of dizziness occur more often than they’d like. There’s usually some instigating factor or trigger that sets off the spell of dizziness. Learning your senior’s triggers can be incredibly helpful in ensuring that she doesn’t have to go through these spells very often. Keeping a log of what she eats and what she does can help with tracking.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor about What’s Happening
Whether this is an issue your senior has dealt with for a long time or something that has just started for her, you need to mention it to her doctor. Even an issue she’s had before could have a different cause this time around. Your senior’s doctor can take a look at details and situations that might not have occurred to either you or your aging family member. If a solution can be found, that’s optimal so she doesn’t have to continue to deal with dizzy spells.

Dizziness may be your senior’s only warning that she’s about to experience a fall. If there are factors contributing to dizziness, such as not eating as regularly as she should, then having help from senior care providers throughout the day can be incredibly useful.

Excerpt: Dizzy spells can lead to a fall for your senior. If she knows what to do in advance, you can help her to prevent that possible fall.

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