Watch Your Dad For These Signs That He’s Struggling to Stay Independent

Your dad’s goal has always been to stay in the family home for the rest of his life. Moving is not an option for him. He’s done a lot to his home over the years, and he’s comfortable there.

Is it possible for him to remain in his multi-level home as his health changes? Most older adults thrive in their familiar, comfortable homes. There are a few things to watch for to ensure he’s not putting his safety at risk.

Dirty Clothing and Linens Pile Up

Senior Care Waxhaw, NC: Staying Independent

Senior Care Waxhaw, NC: Staying Independent

Since your last visit two weeks ago, you realize he’s wearing dirty, torn clothing. You check his sheets and towels and they’re the same ones you switched to. When you ask him if he’s done the laundry, he says that he hasn’t and you could do it during your visit.

In some areas, laundry rooms are set up in basements. Going into a basement often requires a trip down a long set of stairs to rooms where walls and floors are concrete. If your dad doesn’t feel confident on the stairs, he’s not going to want to do his laundry.

Arrange to have someone stop by each week and do the laundry for him. You or another family member could help out. If you’re not close enough or don’t have the time, senior home care services work well.

Excessive Clutter

Is your dad’s home getting very cluttered? If he’s having a hard time letting go of items, it can be a mental illness common in older adults. Hoarding occurs when an older adult fills a void in their life with items. If that’s the case, he’ll benefit from companion care and regular visits from friends and family.

He may be having a hard time keeping his house clean and organized. Hire senior home care aides to clean for him. His caregivers can dust, vacuum, wipe down counters and faucets, and tidy up.

Late or Missing Payments

If your dad is forgetting to pay bills, he’ll need someone to help him keep his mail organized and sorted. Setting up a reminder system to track when a bill is due will help a lot. You could also help him get automatic payments set up.

Make sure he knows to check balances before payments are due. If he’s unlikely to remember to transfer money, have someone remind him or do it for him.

Even if your dad is getting older or has health issues that make it hard for him to manage his home on his own, he doesn’t have to move. Others can help him with the more challenging tasks like laundry and meal preparation.

Prevent frustration by pairing your dad with a senior home care aide. When he has someone to help him around the home, he’s able to live confidently and independently. With professional caregivers available throughout the week, your dad ages at home without any fear. Call a senior home care specialist today.

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