Six Ways to Help Your Mom Adjust to Companion Care

Companion care at home services aid your mom in her goal to live independently. She doesn’t want to downsize or move, but she also lives alone and needs a helping hand with certain tasks.

It’s clear that caregivers can make a huge difference in your mom’s life. She needs a bit of help with tasks like housework, meals, and transportation. So, you’re hiring companion care services, but you’re not sure of the best way to help her adjust to having caregivers.

Use these six tips to make the adjustment easier for your mom. If she adjusts quickly, you’ll get back to your other tasks, such as work, your children’s schedule, and your self-care.

Involve Her in the Arrangements

Companion Care at Home in Pineville, NC: Adjusting to Companion Care

Companion Care at Home in Pineville, NC: Adjusting to Companion Care

Make sure your mom is involved in the arrangements. When you talk to a home care specialist and ask questions, let your mom ask her questions. If she feels that she’s made the decisions, she’ll be at ease, which makes for an easier adjustment.

Take It Slow

Don’t rush home care all at once. Take it slow and see what your mom thinks. Start with care services one or two days a week and build from there. As she adjusts, you can increase the amount of time her caregiver is with her.

Stick Around on the First Day

Arrange to work from your mom’s home for the first day or two. Work in another room where you can overhear your mom’s interactions with the caregiver. If she’s an anxious person, your presence may be calming.

Lay Out a Clear Care Plan

Make sure there is a clear care plan in place. Go over it with your mom so that she knows exactly what her caregiver is coming to help her do. When she’s able to imagine what will happen throughout the day, it makes it easier to adjust.

Walk Her Through a Typical Day

Take a day and walk your mom through what to expect. You know that her caregiver is coming to cook breakfast. Follow the same steps the caregiver would use.

Ask your mom what she wants for breakfast, just as her caregiver would do. Cook it for her and then sit with her while she eats. Do the dishes and remind her to take her prescription medications.

When you go over each step of the care plan, she’ll get a feel for what to expect. On the first day, she’ll be more at ease as she knows what’s going to happen.

Ask a Home Care Agency for Guidance

Talk to a home care agency about other ways to help your mom adjust to companion care at home. Remember that they have plenty of experience helping new clients adjust.

With a caregiver’s help, your mom isn’t alone all day. You’ll have the peace of mind you want, and she has the friend she needs thanks to companion care at home.

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