Signs Your Senior Loved One’s Vision Is Changing

January is National Eye Care Month and it’s a great time to make sure that your senior loved one isn’t going through any vision changes. Sometimes seniors who are experiencing changes in their vision don’t say anything about their symptoms because they assume it’s just part of getting older. But changing vision could be related to a medication side effect, a developing health condition, or poor eye health. Your senior loved one should see an eye doctor right away if you notice that they are having any of these symptoms of vision changes:

Complaining About Things Being Dark

Personal Care at Home in Indian Trail, NC: Vision Changes

If you or a personal care at home provider notice that your senior loved one is talking a lot about rooms being dark, or saying that it’s difficult to see the TV, or read a book that could be a sign that their vision is changing. If nothing else has changed in the house to make it darker then you should make an appointment to get your senior loved one seen by an eye doctor. They could be experiencing vision problems.

Turning On Lights During The Day

If your senior loved one normally doesn’t turn the lights on in the home until it gets dark but you or their personal care at home provider notices that they are now turning on lights throughout the house during the day that could indicate that their vision is changing and that they are having trouble seeing. Make a note of when the lights are turned on and ask your senior loved one if they are having trouble seeing. If they say yes then make sure they are checked out by an eye doctor as soon as possible.

Walking Hesitantly Or Tripping Often

Shuffling, walking carefully, or having balance issues can be caused by many things. But if your senior loved one is normally sure-footed and suddenly starts walking hesitantly or tripping more often those behaviors could mean that they can’t see as well as they used to. If they can’t see clearly what’s in front of them they may hesitate to put their feet down or take large steps. If you notice that your senior loved one isn’t walking as confidently as they used to or if their personal care at home provider reports that they are walking differently than normal it’s time to get an eye exam scheduled.

Frequent Headaches

Headaches are another symptom that can indicate vision loss but can also be caused by any number of other health conditions or issues. If your senior loved one starts having headaches when they are trying to read or watch TV or if the sunlight seems to bother them you should take them for an eye exam so that a doctor can see if their vision is changing. Even though vision changes may be permanent an eye doctor can suggest ways that your senior loved one can protect their eyes in the future.

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