National Family Caregivers Month takes place each November. The goal is to celebrate all that family caregivers do and to promote helping them to take care of themselves too. 
If your parents have a family caregiver or you’re providing their care, self-care is just as important. Caregivers cannot risk taking too much on and burning out. Let these quotes related to caregiving inspire your family to pair self-care and care of an aging parent. 
Earl Nightingale – “Our Attitude Towards Others Determines Their Attitude Towards Us.”

Caregiver Matthews, NC: National Family Caregivers Month

When you’re having a tough day, you might find yourself being more snappy or impatient with your parents. That can trigger them to be snappy with you, too. Even in the toughest situations, you need to stay calm and remember that taking it out on your parents or family members isn’t the answer. 
Helen Keller – “Alone We Can Do So Little; Together We Can Do So Much.” 
Doing things without help works, but you won’t get much done. If you let others chip in and help, more gets done. Rely on the help of others to get your to-do list done and leave you time for self-care. 
Michelle Obama – “We Need to Be Better About Putting Ourselves Higher On Our Own ‘To Do’ List.” 
Self-care is important. You spend so much time helping your kids, helping your parents, completing your job during work hours, and taking care of your home. Where are you in that list of things you do every day? It’s time to put yourself at the top of the list and boost your emotional and mental health through self-care. 
Mother Teresa – “It’s Not How Much We Give But How Much Love We Put Into Giving.” 
Caring for a parent is tough. There will be challenges. Some days will end without you being able to get everything done. That’s okay. Don’t let that stress you and put you in a bad mood. Instead, focus more on the love your parents felt while you cared for them. 
Senator Cory Booker – “Sometimes Just Going to Bed is the Best Antidote to Trials and Tribulations.” 
This is a biggie. If you’re stressed and having a particularly tough day as a family caregiver, take a break. Take a nap or leave early so that you can go to bed early. Respite care is a good way to ensure you have a plan for these days that you need a break. 
A home care agency can dispatch a professional caregiver to help your parents while you take a break. When you return, you’re rested and ready for another day.


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