Unfortunately, many elderly people have strokes. However, it should be known that a stroke doesn’t always affect everyone in the same way. There are different severity levels of strokes that everyone should know about. This is especially true if you are caring for an elderly person. You should know what signs to look out for in case the person you are caring for has a stroke. It should also be noted that strokes affect people differently based on the side of the brain that has been damaged.


Speech Issues and Paralysis

Elder Care Waxhaw, NC: Signs of Strokes

The most serious side effects happen when the brain stem is affected by the stroke. Some of the side effects or symptoms that the person might experience are speech issues and paralysis. If you notice these symptoms in the person you are taking care of, be sure to get them to the hospital right away.


Motor Skill Paralysis and Memory Loss

Two other symptoms that may occur as a result of a stroke, no matter which side of the brain the stroke occurs on, are motor skill paralysis and memory loss. If your elderly loved one starts experiencing these symptoms, they may be having a stroke or may have had a stroke. You should have them assessed by a doctor immediately.


Behavioral Style Changes

Is the elderly person you are caring for experiencing a cautious and slow behavioral style? Is this different than how they normally act? If so, they may have had a left-sided stroke. You should talk to their doctor or the ER doctor after taking them in. Find out what is going on and go from there.

Is the elderly person you are caring for experiencing an inquisitive and quick behavioral style? This could indicate that they have had a stroke on the right side of their brain.


Vision Issues

Your loved one may also be experiencing vision issues if they have had a stroke. However, this may also be a symptom of many other conditions, so people often have a difficult time determining whether vision issues are a result of a stroke. However, if they are combined with other issues, be sure to get your elderly loved one treated.


Issues with Focusing

Is your elderly loved one experiencing issues with focusing? Maybe they are looking off without being able to focus their eyes. They may not be able to focus on your face either. If this is happening, it could be a symptom of a stroke.

These are some of the most common signs of strokes in the elderly. If you or an elder care provider recognize these symptoms in the elderly, be sure to get them medical help right away.


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