It’s Normal to Want Some ‘Me’ Time as a Caregiver, and Here’s What to Do to Get Some!

No, you’re not being selfish because you want some time alone. As a family caregiver, though, it may seem as though you never get the chance to have some alone time. You’re constantly on the go, running everywhere at once, and getting home too late at night and knowing you’ve got to get right to bed in order to not be completely worn out the next day.

You don’t just want some time to rest, though. You need that, of course, but you want time to do the things you enjoy, things you haven’t done in a long, long time.

Now, keep in mind, we all need some alone time or time to do the things we want or enjoy. And it’s not selfish to desire those things, even when someone you love is counting on or depending on you for their personal care or safety.

Why ‘me’ time is so crucial.

Caregiver Cornelius, NC: Alone Time as a Caregiver

There was a line in a cheesy movie in the 1990s called Armageddon. In it, one of the main characters was talking about getting time off for oil riggers who were about to be launched into space to try and save the world. He said something to the effect of, ‘What if they get too burned out they forget what they’re doing or what they’re fighting for?’

Just because you’re supporting your spouse of 40 or 50 years, an elderly parent, grandparent sibling, or even close friend doesn’t mean you can continue doing this without a break. You can easily get burned out.

When you do get burned out, that’s when mistakes happen, frustration builds, and trouble brews.

Yet, you can get time for yourself. But how do you do that?

Consider home care to help.

A home care aide hired through an agency is one of the best assets you could have at supporting your life as a caregiver. You may not have thought about professional home care services before, though. Many family caregivers assume this is their responsibility, something they are meant to do.

Yet, you can continue caring for this family member or friend, but rely on an in home care aide to give yourself time off. Time to yourself.

Many people incorrectly assume they’d have to hire home care for full-time support. Not true. At least not when you hire through an agency.

Agencies can provide a wide range of temporary or part-time solutions for wearing family caregivers. When you hire a quality home care agency, you can get someone for a few hours at a time, maybe a few days a week to start. That’s a great way to get the ‘me’ time you need to refresh and recharge.

A lot of family caregivers end up feeling surprised that they can enjoy time for themselves and still be able to support their aging loved ones. With home care, it’s possible. When you look into home care, you’ll realize that ‘me’ time is once again within your reach.

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