Christy’s elderly uncle received some bad news from his doctor during the latest checkup. His doctor pointed out the uncle’s rising blood pressure, reduced lung capacity and his recent nasty bout of pneumonia. The doctor warned Christy’s uncle that many of those conditions were most likely complicated by his lifelong smoking habit. She encouraged Christy and her uncle to seriously think about enrolling him in a “quit smoking” program.


However, Christy wondered if there would truly be any health benefits for her uncle to quit smoking so late in life. The doctor assured her that seniors are never too old to benefit from quitting smoking.


It’s a mistake to believe that because an elderly person has been smoking all their lives that their health would not benefit from quitting. Health and wellness experts agree that quitting smoking results in significant health benefits, even for those who have smoked for decades. Seniors are especially susceptible to all the harm that smoking does to the body. Family caregivers should seriously consider working with their aging loved one to quit smoking.


Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Elderly Care Concord NC Seniors and Smoking

Elderly Care Concord NC Seniors and Smoking

Studies show that within just a few days of smoking that the body starts to respond positively. Soon, blood pressure lowers, and the blood stream carries more oxygen because the lungs let more in. After several weeks, a person’s sense of smell improves, as does their sense of taste. Seniors should also notice an improvement to the health of their hair, skin and teeth. When a person quits smoking, they greatly lower their risk of a stroke and a heart attack.


Seniors May Struggle with Quitting

Millions of seniors took up smoking in their youth, well before a lot of the modern studies were done on its impact on health. Even though millions of people have either decided not to smoke or have quit smoking over the years, many elderly adults find it extremely difficult to break a decades-long habit. Aging adults who are dependent on family caregivers, elderly care providers, and friends will need their support to quit smoking.


Tips on Quitting Smoking for Seniors

It’s extremely hard to quit smoking, but the health benefits are well worth it. Even elderly adults can see improvements in their health and wellness when they leave smoking behind. With help from family caregivers and elderly care providers, seniors can successfully stop the habit. The first thing they need to do is come up with an alternative activity to smoking, such as chewing gum, eating hard candy or a healthy snack. Keeping their hands busy is another effective method for breaking the habit. Chemical help for quitting, such as nicotine gum and patches, are the key to successfully quitting smoking.


Any seniors who are interesting in quitting smoking certainly won’t be able to do it alone. When they are surrounded with support from family caregivers, friends and elderly care providers, they have the best chance to improve their health and drop a dangerous habit once and for all.


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