Is Your Mom Able to Properly Care for Her Cat?

Your mom likes having a cat for companionship, but you worry about her ability to care for her cat. Before you start worrying about having to rehome her cat, take a look at the different options for making sure that your mom’s cat is well cared for.

Consider the Care a Cat Needs

Senior Care Statesville, NC: Seniors and Cats

Senior Care Statesville, NC: Seniors and Cats

Cats are independent for the most part, but they still need basic care. They need someone to feed them, brush their fur, and clean their food and water dishes. They need to have fresh water available.

Your mom’s cat needs to see the vet each year for vaccinations and a check-up. It’s also important that the cat is active, and this means playing together with toys and laser pointers. The cat litter box also needs cleaning each day. 

If your mom’s cat will use a robotic cat litter box, it can eliminate some of the daily cleanings. But, it still needs to be emptied at least once a week.

Can  Your Mom Shop Without Help?

Her cat needs food. And that means she’ll need to shop online for the food or go to a pet food store, grocery store, or discount retailer to stock up. As there are supply chain issues limiting stock in some areas, your mom may need to stop at several stores to find what she needs. 

If your mom doesn’t drive or tires easily, she’s going to need someone to shop with her. Are you free to drive her from one store to the next? If not, does she need help placing an online order or can she shop on her own from a computer, tablet, or phone?

Should she require help with shopping, do you have the time available? If not, you need to make sure she has a caregiver available to accompany her.

Hire a Pet Helper

Is there a teen in the area that you trust? How about a grandchild, niece, or nephew?  It could be beneficial to pay a teen to stop by each day to clean the litter box and feed the cat. If you buy a pet watering fountain, fresh water is readily available and the teen can top it up and clean it as needed.

Arrange Home Care 

If your mom is having a hard time taking care of her cat, how well does she do taking care of herself? Is it time to make sure she has a caregiver to clean the home, cook meals, and drive your mom to area businesses? 

Would it help your mom to have someone around to remind her when her cat needs a meal or to help her with litter box care? Talk to a senior home care specialist to learn more about caregivers and the ways they help your mom with daily routines.

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