Memory loss is a tricky issue to diagnose on your own because there are so many possible causes for memory issues. Your senior may be dealing with one or more of these contributing factors. Cognitive changes are one of the most feared reasons for memory loss, but the truth might be simpler than that. 

Medication Side Effects that Got out of Hand

Elderly Care Concord, NC: Memory Loss and Seniors

Some of the medications that your elderly family member takes for other health issues can occasionally cause memory loss. It’s also possible that combining certain medications exacerbates symptoms that weren’t a big deal in the past. Any time you or your senior suspect that her medication is creating issues, bring that up with her doctor. 

Eating the Wrong Foods for a Long Time 

A bad diet takes a serious toll on your senior. If she’s spent her entire life eating poorly, she may have more health issues than she realizes and memory problems can be just one of those. Your senior’s brain needs fuel, and that comes from her diet. Healthy fats, lots of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of lean protein can all help her to nourish her body properly. 

Depression and Other Mental Health Issues 

Mental health issues, particularly depression, can wreak havoc on your senior’s memory. That’s a side effect that many people don’t realize occurs with depression because so many other issues take precedence. If your elderly family member is prone to depression or to depressive episodes, her memory loss may be due to this cause. 

Infections or Injuries in Her Brain 

It might sound obvious, but even a light blow to the head can create memory problems for your senior. Any time that your senior experiences an injury to her head, it’s a good idea to have her doctor take a look. Illnesses that cause infection to her brain may be a little more of a rare occurrence, but they can also contribute to memory issues. 

Illnesses Related to Alcohol Use 

People who have spent years drinking a lot of alcohol may have memory problems, too. Some of that has to do with the alcohol itself, especially if your senior drinks enough to get to a stage called “blacking out.” But other illnesses related to alcohol consumption might also have an impact, so talk with her doctor. 

Memory concerns can leave your senior feeling unsure about being alone for extended periods. Having elderly care providers available for her can help a great deal, both emotionally and in a practical way. 


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