Getting quality sleep is very important for everyone. Elderly people need good quality sleep or they could experience a range of health issues from heart problems to mental health issues. If your elderly loved one isn’t currently getting the sleep they need, they might be irritable, confused, depressed, anxious, get sick more often, be emotionally unwell, have decreased balance, and other issues, too. The good news is that there are ways you and elderly care providers can help your elderly loved one to sleep better at night.  

Dealing with Afternoon Naps

Elderly Care Pineville, NC: Seniors and Better Sleep

Your elderly loved one might like taking afternoon naps. However, by doing so, this could be causing them not to get the quality sleep they need at night. Your elderly loved one can still take a nap in the day. Just make sure the nap isn’t too long or too late in the day.  

Preparing for Sleep  

Your elderly loved one can get better quality sleep if they prepare ahead of time. They need to shut down their mind. This might mean no electronics within the hour before bed. It could also mean getting into an evening and nighttime routine and keeping the room dark. If your loved one is more prepared for bedtime, they are more likely to fall asleep easier. 

No Alcohol 

If your elderly loved one is a drinker, it is important for their sleep that they quit. Alcohol can affect the way your elderly loved one’s body functions. It can affect their heart, mind, and digestive system. All these things can cause your elderly loved one not to get the sleep they need.  

Better Place to Sleep 

Where is your elderly loved one usually sleeping? Do they fall asleep on the couch or in the recliner? If they do sleep in their bedroom, do they fall asleep with the television on? It is important that your elderly loved one has the best place to sleep. They should sleep in their bed without lights on or sounds. If they need sound to sleep, have them play a soundtrack with natural sounds or meditative music.  


These are some of the ways that you can help your elderly loved one to sleep better at night. Many elderly people have trouble sleeping. However, with these tips, hopefully, your elderly loved one can start getting better quality sleep. After trying these tips, if your elderly loved one still can’t sleep, be sure to have them see their doctor. The doctor might diagnose a sleep disorder that can be treated.  


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