How To Help a Senior With Obesity

It can be incredibly frustrating to help a senior parent, and it can be even more infuriating when their health is at risk. However, no matter who the senior is, you need to be kind and patient with them. Not everyone can focus on a healthy lifestyle, and you may not be around them enough to help them live better. One of the best ways to ensure a healthy lifestyle is by getting your senior parent in-home care. They can help a senior with obesity issues and encourage them to eat better.

In-home care can help meal prep and ensure they are eating within the calorie limit the doctor has set. Some seniors who are obese may have other health issues that make it hard for them to lose weight. Seniors may also have a hard time cooking for themselves, which means they turn to take-out food or fast food. In-home care can help grocery shop,

Home Care Cornelius, NC: Seniors and Obesity

cook, and meal prep for the week. All of this can help a senior lose weight or help them maintain a healthy weight.

A caregiver or in-home care provider can also help a senior stay more active. They can help them go for walks, find local gym classes, or set up physical therapy appointments. Caregivers can drive them to these classes and help in small ways. You may start feeling frustrated with your parent’s weight, but having a specialist help can take a lot of the pressure off of your shoulders. Here are some tips to help a senior who struggles with weight.

Be Kind To The Senior

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to be kind. You may feel frustrated because they won’t change, but chances are they have been eating this way and living this way for a very long time. Sometimes it can be hard for seniors to break unhealthy habits and they need positive reinforcement from you and in-home care. You can gently remind them to eat healthier and tell them to ask their caregiver if a food sticks with their diet plan.

Focus on Health

Instead of focusing on someone’s size or weight try focusing on a healthy lifestyle. A seniors body will never be what it was in high school. It is unfair to compare a senior’s body to an athlete or model. It is unrealistic. What is realistic is encouraging healthy eating and an active lifestyle. Once these two things fall into place they will naturally be at a healthy weight.


If you notice your parents are using food to cope with stress or something else in life you may want to recommend a therapist or counselor. In-home care is a way for a senior to get companionship but they are not the same as a therapist. A therapist can help a senior understand why they are turning to food to cope and then break those unhealthy habits. By understanding this part they can develop new and healthier habits.

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