Protein is found in legumes, meats, dairy products, and some vegetable products like tofu. It’s an important aspect of a healthy diet. Does your dad get enough protein each day? Many seniors don’t.

How much protein does your dad need? What forms of protein are best for his aging body? Here is some insight into protein intake and your aging parent.

Home Care Services Pineville NC – How Much Protein Does Your Dad Need Each Day?

Why is Protein Important?

Your body is filled with protein. It’s the main component in your hair and nails. It’s a key to healthy blood, bones, cartilage, muscles, and skin. As a result, you need a lot of protein each day.

Protein is full of amino acids. Amino acid help in the process that strengthens muscles. They help with weight loss and helping the body’s immune system.

Nutritional Guidelines and the Best Types of Protein

According to the U.S. government, men and women over the age of 50 should consume 6 to 7 (men) or 5 to 6 (women) ounces of protein each day. More than this isn’t ideal as it adds to the daily fat intake.

There are proteins that are better choices than others. Seafood is ideal. It is important to be careful about mercury intake. Look for fish that have a lower mercury content like sardines and salmon. Tuna and swordfish have higher counts. Chicken and turkey breast are also healthier options. You should limit red meats.

Other forms of protein get overlooked. Nuts and soy both offer high quantities of protein. You can get protein from beans in chili and soups.

Certain protein forms are unhealthy. You need to limit your dad’s consumption of smoked and processed meats like ham and hot dogs. Deli meats are out. Bacon, sausage, and canned meats are also unhealthy and should be skipped.

Hire Home Care Services to Cook Meals if Your Dad Won’t or Can’t Cook

Some seniors hate cooking. It might be they’ve grown tired of cooking meals for a family. It could be that lifting hot pans or reading the small print in recipes is too much of a challenge. When that happens, caregivers are a great solution.

Consider what home care services offer. If your dad is not likely to make healthy food choices when he’s alone, a home care services aide can help. Home care services providers help shop for groceries and cook meals. With home care services providers coming to the house, your dad will eat well and have company while he eats. It’s a win-win situation.


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