Pete is his elderly dad’s full-time family caregiver. While he is slowly adjusting to the responsibility, there’s one task that he just can’t seem to make work—washing his father’s hair on a regular basis. Pete’s dad resists doing it and complains the entire time. He’s even going out of his way to make it harder for Pete to help him. Pete tried to let his dad’s personal hygiene go for a while, but that wasn’t healthy or attractive. Determined to overcome the battle surrounding regular hair washing, Pete started to do some research.

Home Care Concord NC – How to Master Washing a Senior’s Hair

Many family caregivers are surprised to discover that their elderly relatives often resist regular baths, showers and hair washing. Even if the aging adult did so regularly when they were younger, regularly washing their hair can now become uncomfortable, embarrassing, unimportant or as a control issue. Family caregivers that want to find the best way to master washing a senior’s hair have a lot of resources and tips to access to accomplish the task.

Here are some tips on mastering hair washing for an elderly relative:

1. Hair Wash Frequency Varies

It’s important for seniors don’t need to wash their hair every day. An aging body doesn’t produce the same amount of oil in the hair that it once did. Washing the hair once a week is usually sufficient. However, washing the body may need to be more frequent, at least twice per week.

2. Discover Dry Shampoo

As the product becomes more popular, many family caregivers are discovering dry shampoo. It’s a powdered shampoo product that cleans dirt and oil out of a person’s dry hair. Because no water is needed, it’s an ideal way for family caregivers to keep an elderly person’s hair clean between wet washes. Many family caregivers find success with a wet wash once per week, and a dry shampoo in between.

3. Hire a Home Care Provider

Sometimes, hair washing problems are the result of power struggles between seniors and family members. Sometimes it is because they feel embarrassed or annoyed. Family caregivers can hire a professional home care provider to come in and help with bathing, showering, and grooming, including hair washing. Sometimes, seniors behave better for non-family members. Many home care providers also have adaptive tools to do the job, tips on better execution of the task, and suggestions for family caregivers on how to better master washing a senior’s hair.

4. Alternative Hair Wash Locations

Hair washing doesn’t always have to be in the bathroom, where many seniors are afraid of falling or embarrassed to be undressed. Senior women often enjoy a trip to the beauty parlor where they get their hair washed professionally. For bedridden seniors, there are inflatable hair washing basins that allow family members and home care providers to do the job in place.

It’s up to family and their aging relative to come up with a grooming schedule that is convenient, healthy and comfortable. Regular hair washing is an important part of staying healthy and hygienic, but there are several options beyond a traditional daily shower for elderly adults.

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