Four Ways to Get a Parent With Alzheimer’s to Eat Healthier Foods

People with Alzheimer’s disease often crave sugary, high-calorie snacks and meals. They’re not the most nutritious. Talk to your mom or dad’s doctor about this. If there are no other health issues, it may be okay to appease your parent’s cravings for these high-calorie foods.

When there are other health issues, such as heart disease or diabetes, it may be important to make sure your parent is eating healthier foods. Use these tips to make the more nutritious foods more appealing.

Offer Finger Foods

24-Hour Home Care Indian Trail, NC: Eating Healthier Foods

Using a fork or spoon can be challenging as Alzheimer’s progresses. You might find your parent eats more if you serve finger foods instead of full meals.

If your mom or dad loves chicken tenders, make a healthier version by coating chicken slices in egg and seasoned almond flour. Make finger sandwiches using whole-wheat bread, cucumber slices, and cream cheese.

Fish sticks are another healthier option. Slices of fruit, vegetable sticks with a dipping sauce, and portions of baguette with bruschetta are also healthier options that can be eaten with the fingers.

Use Natural Sugars to Appease a Sugar Craving

Sweet foods are often one of the first things a person with Alzheimer’s disease will go for. Instead of a sugary granola bar, make protein balls by putting old-fashioned oats, Medjool dates, almond butter (no added sugar), cocoa powder, and unsweetened vanilla oat milk. Form that into bite-size balls and store them in the fridge.

Fruits are also good snacks. Use bananas, apple slices, frozen berries, and peaches for snacks or smoothies your mom or dad will enjoy.

Add Vegetables to Everything

Suppose your mom only will eat ramen noodles and frozen pizza. You offer other foods, but she won’t touch them. Balance the less healthy options with healthier foods.

Make ramen but add vegetables to it. Top it with a boiled egg for added protein. If you are comfortable making homemade ramen, use whole grain pasta. Adding baking soda to the water will change the texture to be closer to traditional ramen noodles.

Serve a pizza, but add pepper slices, onions, spinach, and mushrooms to it to boost nutrition.

Hire 24-Hour Home Care to Help Out

When a parent has Alzheimer’s, it’s a complex disease. Some days are better than others, but 24-hour home care is essential, especially if wandering and sundowning kick in.

Your parent may wake up demanding food. Make sure those foods are nutritious. Hire 24-hour home care services to ensure your mom or dad is never alone during the evening.

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