A cluttered kitchen isn’t fun to work in. It’s also unsafe. If your mom is holding a hot casserole dish and has no space where she can put it, she could burn her hands. The items sitting on the floor because there’s no room could trip your dad.

It’s important to declutter and clean up a kitchen to make sure it’s a safe, fun environment for cooking. These are the four areas to tackle during a thorough kitchen cleaning.

Empty Some Cupboard Space

Home Care in Monroe, NC: Kitchen Clutter

If items are stacking up on counters, see if there is space in the cupboard. Reorganization may be all that’s needed to create enough space. If cupboards are overflowing, it’s a good time to go through and see what’s not being used.

Foods that your parents bought and haven’t used could be a good donation to the local food shelf. For example, your mom bought three cans of soup to use a coupon. After having one can of soup, she didn’t like it. The other two cans could be donated if the use-by dates haven’t expired.

If your dad bought soft foods and protein shakes for his recovery from oral surgery and has items left, those could be donated. That extra space allows items on the counter to be put away.

Get Rid of Unused Small Appliances 

Sometimes, you buy a small appliance and simply do not use it enough. If your mom bought a waffle iron and only uses it twice a year, you have to question if it’s worth keeping it. It’s taking up space that may be better suited for the food processor that’s taking up space but is used more.

Small appliances that she doesn’t need can go to an organization like Goodwill or another charity shop. She could also sell them in a garage sale and make a little money.

Add Storage 

If there’s room in the budget, consider adding storage. For example, your parent’s kitchen has an empty wall. Add cabinets and counters down that wall to add storage.

Cabinets with slide-out drawers for pots and pans can help them avoid having to bend over to get something from the back of a cabinet. Floor-to-ceiling pantry cupboards add a lot of storage that will help with decluttering.

Clean Out Drawers 

Go through the different drawers in your parent’s kitchen. If there’s a knife drawer, only the knives that your mom or dad use regularly should stay. A magnetic strip on a wall adds storage and frees up space for something else.

When the drawer is empty, clean it out and add a liner if the drawer is scratched up or worn. Drawer dividers can help with organization. 


With a clean, organized kitchen, your mom or dad may need home care services to keep it that way. If they’re having a hard time with cleaning and organization, it’s time to talk about home care services. 


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