Everything You Need to Know About Home Care Assistance After a Stroke

On average, three people have a stroke every two minutes. About a quarter have had at least one other stroke at some point in the past. After your mom’s stroke, you’re not sure what happens next. Her care becomes the top priority, but it’s not just on you to make sure she’s getting the care she needs.

Home care assistance is one way to ensure your mom has help every day. It’s not just up to you to help her with daily chores. Here’s what you need to know about having caregivers helping her.

Mobility Takes Time to Regain

Home Care Assistance Concord, NC: Seniors and strokes

A stroke typically affects one side of the body. If the stroke occurred on the right side of the brain, the left side of the body stops working properly. If it’s the left side, the right side of the body is affected.

Leg and arm movements won’t be the same. Your mom may need a walker or a cane. Some strokes leave the person dependent on a wheelchair. Your mom will need someone there to help her move from her bed to her walker or wheelchair. Getting in and out of the shower is difficult without a caregiver nearby.

Caregivers Help With Housework and Laundry

If your mom is in a one-level ranch or condo, it will be much easier for her to manage housework as she regains movements. If she’s in a multi-story home, someone will need to do chores that require stairs. Laundry is one chore she’ll have a hard time doing independently.

Caregivers can help your mom keep the home clean. They can wipe down counters and stovetops for her. She may regain the mobility needed to do these chores eventually, but she’ll need help as she recovers.

She Can’t Drive

Your mom’s medical team will tell her she cannot drive. If she recovers, she may be allowed to drive again. Usually, that is at least a year after her stroke. Time must pass to make sure that she doesn’t have any mini-strokes or another stroke. Her doctor may need to fill out a form for the state before her license is reinstated.

She may not ever heal enough to drive again. If that happens, she doesn’t have to give up her independence. She may have a lot of physical, occupational, and speech therapy appointments for several months. A home care aide is there to give her rides.

Before your mom leaves the rehabilitation unit, make sure her home is set up for her return. Schedule home care assistance services to make sure she has someone to help her with medication management, housekeeping, and help with bathing and personal care. Talk to a specialist about home care assistance today.

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