About a year ago, Margaret’s 80-year-old mother, Laura, had a stroke. Laura had been living on her own for a few years since her husband passed away. Although Laura was still able to live on her own, she had trouble doing some things around the house and needed Margaret’s help to maintain her home. In addition, since Laura could no longer drive, Margaret had to take her grocery shopping and drive her to medical appointments and church each week. On top of all that, Margaret had young children of her own to care for and a full-time job. She was, like so many family caregivers, exhausted.

Elderly Care Statesville NC- 4 Household Tasks an Elderly Care Provider Can Do

When Margaret told her coworker Mark how she was feeling, Mark suggested she look into elderly care for her mother. Mark had used elderly care services when his own mother was failing and described it as a lifesaver. When Margaret called an elderly care agency, she was surprised to learn about all the ways they could help her mother to continue living in her home.

Below are just 4 of the many household tasks Margaret learned elderly care can do.

#1 Running Errands

Older adults need to run many of the same errands that younger people do. They need to go to the grocery store, stop at the post office, and go to the pharmacy. However, if they cannot drive, getting to those places requires them to wait until someone can give them a ride. Elderly care providers can stop in throughout the week to drive older adults to the places they need to go, even if the senior simply wants to go visit a friend.

#2 Cooking Meals

Lots of older adults have trouble cooking for themselves. Perhaps they never learned to cook or simply have difficulty because of a medical condition. Or, they may enjoy cooking, but have problems with steps that require strength, like opening jars or lifting heavy pans. An elderly care provider can either do all of the cooking or just act as an assistant while the senior cooks.

#3 Basic Pet Care

Getting older shouldn’t have to mean giving up beloved pets. But, keeping a pet requires some work. They need to be fed, watered, exercised, and require the occasional visit to the vet. Elderly care providers can assist with feeding and watering pets. They can also drive seniors and their pets to veterinary appointments. And, if the pet needs to be walked, an elderly care provider can go for a walk with the pet and the older adult, letting them both get some exercise while also keeping the senior safe.

#4 Laundry

Laundry baskets can be too heavy for older adults to carry. It can also be hard to bend over to reach items in the washer or dryer. Elderly care providers can do the laundry for older adults, making sure their clothes and bedding stay fresh and clean.

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