When you’re feeling stuck as a caregiver it’s time to start implementing some small changes. Little changes are much easier to put into place than big ones are and you’ll start to see results much sooner than you expect.

Caregiver Waxhaw NC - Five Little Changes to Improve Life as a Caregiver

Caregiver Waxhaw NC – Five Little Changes to Improve Life as a Caregiver

Take Small Breaks Throughout the Day

Taking even five minutes as a mini-break throughout your day can help so much. No one goes through their entire day without taking some down time. If you’re trying to force yourself to keep going constantly as a caregiver, you’re being needlessly cruel to yourself.

Check in with Yourself More Often

When did you last ask yourself what you need right now? Take a moment to do that and really listen to the answer. You might feel silly at first, but when you check in with yourself like this you’re going to start hearing the answer more readily. Really up the ante by giving yourself what you need.

Move a Little More

Exercise and movement do so much more for your body and your brain than you might think. Even if it seems like a hassle to try to figure out when to work out, you can start adding movement more frequently into your day. This might be as simple as walking in place for five minutes while your coffee brews. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Give Yourself Time to Be Creative

Creating lets you learn to use your brain in different ways than anything else in your life. You can create in all sorts of ways from journaling and writing to knitting or making art in other ways. Even if all you do is color a picture, that’s something creative for your brain to enjoy.

Master the Art of Asking for Help

Caregivers are kind of bad at asking for help. Whether you think you should be able to do everything yourself or you feel as if no one ever helps anyway, start being more assertive about asking for help. Everyone needs help now and again, which is partly why you’re a caregiver in the first place. As you keep asking, you’re going to get better and better at requesting assistance.

Pick one or two of these tips to start implementing each day. Gradually you’ll start to feel more in touch with life, with yourself, and with your responsibilities as a caregiver. Keep adding new little changes to continue enriching your experience while caregiving.

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