Busting Aging Myths

Many people fear getting older thanks to all of the myths we face about the elderly. This can make it seem like a daunting task when you have a mom or dad getting older and needing more help. You may be confused about how to help them or what they need because you see so many myths you are unsure what’s true.

24-hour home care can help your parents age in place and develop an appropriate care plan that works for your mom or dad. Not all people need the same things, and all health statuses will be drastically different. 24-hour home care providers are best for families that need more help than just one adult child can give or for those who live far from each other. 

If you have an elderly parent and wish to bust a few myths about seniors, keep reading. A senior won’t be able to do what they used to do in their 20s, but that doesn’t mean they’re not capable of doing things. It is time to rethink your assumptions about aging and understand what happens and what does not during the aging process. 

Myth #1 It’s Normal to Have Pain All of the Time

24-Hour Home Care Cornelius, NC: Aging Myths

24-Hour Home Care Cornelius, NC: Aging Myths

All too frequently, individuals accept aches and pains as a natural part of the aging process. In truth, severe discomfort is often associated with undiscovered illnesses that may be avoided or easily managed. It’s crucial to encourage regular doctor appointments to talk about any long-term aches a senior is feeling. Having a doctor, the senior trusts, will help your elderly parent age gracefully. Aging and pain do not go hand in hand, and they should never. 

Myth #2 Memory Disappears with Age

While we all forget where we placed our keys or telephones from time to time, many people believe they will need to prepare for far more significant memory loss as they age. This is not true. Most seniors do not suffer from serious memory loss. They will always be able to exercise good judgment and learn new skills.

People who have more severe memory issues may be suffering from a curable medical disease. By keeping our minds and bodies busy, we can all help our memories remain sharp. Regular exercise and engaging in cognitive tasks, such as learning a new language or doing Sudoku puzzles, have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of dementia.

Myth #3 Our Healthcare System Will Become Overrun Due to All of the Aging Seniors

This fallacy is regularly brought up in public discussions regarding the future of healthcare in the United States. In truth, healthcare expenses do not skyrocket just because there are more seniors. If utilization rates stay constant, the rise in healthcare expenses due to aging will occur gradually, at around 1% each year. Even a little amount of economic development would readily buffer such a transition.

Learning about how seniors should live and can live will help you ensure they are doing the right thing during the aging process. It’s okay to start breaking down the myths you hear if it means protecting your loved one.

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