Bathing Tips for the Elderly

When caring for your elderly loved one, you may notice they need help to take a bath. Maybe, they recently fell in their shower. They may have also told you that they can’t see very well in their bathroom or they don’t have great balance while in the shower. No matter what the case may be, it is vital that your elderly loved one is able to follow safe bathing tips. If needed, you can have companion care at home providers help them with bathing, too.

Safety, Proper Lighting, and Privacy

Companion Care at Home in Indian Trail, NC: Bathing Tips

Three of the things that you will need to consider when it comes to your elderly loved one bathing include safety, proper lighting, and privacy. There are many safety devices that you can get for your elderly loved one to use in the shower. A shower chair and a grab bar are two of the best options. You should also make sure your elderly loved one can see in their bathroom. Bad lighting will only increase the risk of them falling. You can get motion-activated lighting or LED lights for their bathroom. Lastly, your elderly loved one needs to have their privacy. Does your elderly loved one not feel comfortable having a family member help with their baths or showers? If so, they may feel better with having companion care at home providers help.

Taking a Shower at the Best Time

Have you noticed that your elderly loved one is more unstable on their feet later in the evening? If they have dementia or another similar condition, they may have worsening mental health and focus later in the evening, as well. The point is to make sure your elderly loved one is taking baths or showers at the best time for them. It should be a time when they are the most focused and able to best care for themselves. This doesn’t mean they can’t have you or senior care providers help with the showering or bathing. It just means your elderly loved one can be the most independent when choosing a bathing time where they are at their best.

Calm and Respectful

Do you or a companion care at home provider need to help your elderly loved one with their baths or showers? If so, it is vital that you talk to them with respect. Make sure your voice stays calm at all times. Your elderly loved one might already be feeling embarrassed having someone help them take baths. They don’t need someone raising their voice at them or taking over with things they are capable of doing.


These are some of the best bathing tips for the elderly. With these tips, hopefully, your elderly loved one can stay safer and more comfortable while they are taking a bath or a shower. Don’t forget to check in with your elderly loved one every once in a while. Make sure they know you or an elder care provider can help with bathing tasks if needed.

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