If you’re finding yourself rereading the same sentence more than a few times and still wondering what it said, you’re having trouble concentrating. Concentration difficulties can happen for a variety of reasons. If you suspect a medical cause, talk to your doctor right away.

You’re Not Alone

Caregiver Monroe, NC: Trouble Concentrating

One of the reasons that caregivers tend to feel so isolated is that there’s usually no one else around. The truth is that you’re not alone in how you’re feeling or in the challenges you’re facing. There may even be more help available to you than you realize. It’s worth trying to figure out where that help is.

Take Some Time Away from Stressful Things

There’s a lot of life that can be stressful. Watching the news and paying too much attention to social media are just two of the aspects of life that could be adding unnecessary stress to your life. Figuring out how to take a break from those things is really important for your mental health.

Make Space for Activities You Enjoy

What did you used to love doing? Do you still do those things? If not, why? What can you do to make space for doing more of those activities? It’s really important that you remember that you’re allowed to enjoy your own life, too. Find ways to make some space for the things that you love to do.

Reach out and Connect with People You Love

Connecting with people you care about is hugely important, no matter what else you’re doing. As a caregiver, that connection helps you to focus on things besides yourself and your senior, which is crucial. It’s way too easy to stay wrapped up in the caregiving dynamic and forget that there’s a life beyond that.

Give Yourself Some Room to Recover

You’re going to need to give your brain and your emotions time to recover. That might mean taking an afternoon or an entire day away. It’s tough to do that, but if you don’t, you’re going to find that your trouble with concentrating on what’s going on is only going to get worse and worse. You really don’t want to contribute to that.

Trouble concentrating can be a sign of caregiver stress or even burnout. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself properly so that you don’t inadvertently let things get much worse than they should be. If you’re finding that you’re having trouble more often than you used to, you may need more help. Find ways to get that help on a regular basis.

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