4 Ways Seniors Can Have Better Access To Fresh Food

Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits is essential for seniors. Many health conditions are made worse by inflammation. And inflammation is often triggered by eating unhealthy foods. Seniors can find it difficult to access fresh foods however, and their health can suffer because of it. There are many reasons why seniors may have a hard time getting access to fresh food.

If they don’t have transportation or live too far from a store that has fresh produce they may be able to get fresh food regularly. Or if they have mobility challenges that make shopping difficult that can make it tough to get fresh food also. If your senior loved one wants to eat more healthy fresh food and vegetables but can’t here are a few ways to solve that problem:

CSA Boxes

Senior Home Care in Pineville, NC: Access to Fresh Foods

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and these subscription boxes are a fantastic way to support the local farmers and get your senior loved one the freshest fruits and vegetables around. Nearly every community has at least one CSA program. When you sign up for a CSA box you can choose how much food you want and usually you can choose from a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are local to the region. All of the items are hand picked by local farmers. The boxes are either picked up in a central location by you or your senior loved one or delivered directly to your senior loved one. CSA subscription boxes give your senior parent all the healthy fresh fruits and veggies they can eat.

Meal Kit Delivery

Another option for your senior loved one is using a meal kit delivery service. Your senior parent can choose from a number of different dishes and choose how often they want to receive meals. All of the fresh ingredients to make the meal and the instructions are sent right to your senior parent’s door. If your senior parent has trouble cooking or preparing meals because they have trouble holding heavy pots or stirring or mixing things a senior home care provider can help them prepare healthy meals. A senior home care provider can share meals and provide companionship for your senior parent too.

Grocery Delivery

Grocery deliver is now a standard practice throughout the country. Your senior loved one, or you, can go on the website or app of a grocery delivery service to choose items from a selection of local stores and pay with a credit card through the app. Then the items will be purchased, bagged, and delivered to your senior loved one’s home. If you explain that your senior loved one can’t lift heavy bags the delivery person may even bring the bags inside for your senior loved one. Grocery delivery costs a little more than shopping in the store but the convenience is worth it, especially for seniors who struggle to get to the store and shop. You can also send a grocery delivery as a gift so that you can shop for fresh product, meat, milk, and other essentials and have them delivered to your senior loved one.

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