Just like everyone else, seniors get bored sometimes. This can be especially true for older adults who spend a lot of time alone. They may not know what to do to pass the time or they may have disabilities that make doing the things they enjoy difficult. However, with the help of an elder care provider, your aging relative can participate in fun activities that give them something to look forward to every day. Below are 4 examples of fun activities an elder care provider can do with seniors.


#1: Bake Treats for the Grandchildren

Elder Care Waxhaw, NC: Fun Activities for Seniors

Elder Care Waxhaw, NC: Fun Activities for Seniors

Many older adults love to bake and especially enjoy baking treats for their grandchildren. Unfortunately, some seniors have difficulty with baking because of cognitive problems that make following directions hard. Or, they may have mobility problems that make it hard or unsafe for them to do the bending and lifting involved in baking. Elder care providers can help them every step of the way, from choosing a recipe to going to the grocery store to taking the treats out of the oven.


#2: Try a New Craft

There are a plethora of ideas for crafts that are senior friendly on the Internet. Elder care providers can set up the supplies to do a craft and assist the person to get started. An elder care provider can also assist with steps in the craft that are difficult because of poor eyesight or arthritic hands.


#3: Take a Trip to the Library

If your aging relative enjoys reading, watching movies, or listening to music, a trip to the library can be a wonderful way to pass the time. Unfortunately, getting out of the house isn’t always easy for older adults. Many of them are unable to drive because of conditions that make it unsafe. They might also have physical disabilities that make them worry about falling. An elder care provider can drive them to the library and escort them in and out of the building so they can choose a pick, check out a movie, or find a music CD to listen to.


#4: Feed and Watch the Birds

Watching birds is an enjoyable activity for many older adults. Birds are colorful and their antics can be fun to watch. It can also be interesting to identify the kinds of birds they see. Lots of older adults like to set up bird feeders and watch the birds from their window. However, lifting heavy bags of bird seed and reaching up to fill the feeders can be impossible for some. Elder care providers can assist with filling bird feeders and help the senior to look up the birds they see in a bird watching guide.


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